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  What You'll Find Here:

On-Site Macintosh Support for the greater Portland~Vancouver area.
Frustrated?   Struggling?   Wasting Time Needlessly?   Crashing a lot?
Do you wish someone could just show up and help out without it being expensive and confusing?

There is a "human" side to all this technology. Time and again I have found that, for most people, simply making that connection is mainly what's standing between them and liberation to be easily more productive and more creative ...not to mention getting things fixed and working right! Click to find out more.


Web Development Services
Are you looking for a Simple and Affordable leg-up thru the Internet? Services "out there" vary wildly - in content as well as cost. I have experience with small merchant business, as well as personal, websites. If you want to get started doing transactions on the internet (credit cards, checks, real-time vending, etc.) there are a lot of traps to avoid, and lots of money you could be saving. If you are looking for someone to help you get started, or with your existing site management... please contact me, maybe I can help you.


*Publish Your Work!*
Paperless Publishing -> Affordable, Secure.
Have you got the urge to publish your work (written works, graphic, media, etc..)? Have you been discouraged by publishers, agents, and/or the exhorbitant costs and investment? Or maybe you thought about publishing your work(s) electronically but you found out you couldn't "protect" your work from theft? I have wrestled this problem for some years now, and with the advent of new technologies for the internet during just the last year or so some exciting things have become available for us to take advantage of. If you have the urge to publish anything... You Need To Check This Out!

(My pages are under construction/development, so if the link doesn't take you to the "Publishing" page(s), then please feel free to contact me.)


Get Acrobat Reader   Some of the materials on this site are in PDF Format and require that you have Adobe Acrobat 3.01 and/or Plugin for your browser installed so you can view them. It's easy to download and install ...just click here to go download it.

Here's a Little Extra Help If You Need It...
PDF documents display in most browser windows with the PDF file's controls displayed at the top (pretty cool actually). This is available when the PDF Plug-in is installed and selected. Otherwise when you open a PDF Document Acrobat Reader will launch and display the file itself.

For help with setting up Acrobat, just in case you have any trouble, the following links will provide some step by step info:

Please keep in mind that this website is still very much under construction. If this doesn't help you enough, you'll get excellent help if you do this:
  • Browse to Altavista's search engine and then enter the following into the search field:
  • "How do I set up my browser to display PDF?" or
  • "How do I configure Netscape/Internet Explorer to display PDF?"
You get the idea.

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