Easy-Docs Automation System (or EDA) for Corel 2000
     Have you ever wanted to generate a document from within a client case in Tritek, such as a form or a letter, utilizing a template you created in your favorite word processing program, and have all the necessary client case information automatically filled into the document for you? Well then this is the product you're looking for.
     At the request of Tritek, I have designed this "document automation system" which will allow you to build your own documents and forms in MS Word or WordPerfect (or use already existing ones) and have Tritek automatically fill them in with client case data for you, or even let you input data from the keyboard directly.
The Corel version is now available.
Easy-Docs Introductory Flyer.htm (click on this link).
Or ...here is a Downloadable Copy of the Flyer if you want to read it offline >
Easy-Docs Intro Flyer.exe.

Please Note: Help is Available! Because many of you have professionals managing your networks, I have tried to provide as much information as you may need to be able to evaluate, install, setup, and register EDA; however, while this is desirable by some, for others it may be a little too much. Don't fret... this software is for network environments, I don't expect you to be a computer nerd and figure it all out. If you have questions or need help, I am available to provide it.

To Obtain/Download the EDA System Package please contact me (see below), OR
If you already have your passcodes, Get Easy-Docs System Here

An MS WORD version of EDA System is in the works. May be available in a couple of weeks! Read the above Easy-Docs Introductory Flyer (click the link) to find out all about it.

If you are interested in the MS Word Version of EDA I'd like to hear from you! Won't you please take a moment to send me a message using the form below?
Also use this form to contact me with any questions or comments you may have.

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